Thank you for your interest in working with Perl Merchant Services. We are currently looking for serious individuals to represent our company as field sales representatives.

Field sales representatives serve as the face for the products and services they sell. To be successful you will need to possess a strong balance of communication and task-management skills. The sales industry has shown growth in key industries, providing a good career outlook. In the fallowing material you will be provided with the necessary information and tools in order for you to be successful and an important part of our team. The opportunity for you to become financially secure will depend on your efforts.


Field sales representatives are responsible for selling our merchant services and solutions to clients within your geographic territory. As a Perl Merchant sales representative you will be required to travel to prospect locations to establish leads, introduce products or maintain the relationship of an existing customer account. As a field sales representative, once you have secured a client deal, you will ensure customer satisfaction by assisting with installation, and managing the relationship of the client with Perl Merchant services. The sales training information below will provide you with industry knowledge and a sales strategy. The key to success in sales are great leads. The unique advantage to this industry is that you will never run out of great leads nor will the leads be saturated. We will provide you with the necessary information and tools in order for you to be successful and an important part of our team.


As a field sales representative conducting most of your work outside of a business office, you will be expected to manage sales-productivity software tools to effectively tracks your selling activities, manage contact information for sales prospects and existing clients, and schedule visits or meetings with clients. You will work onsite at prospect sites delivering sales presentations and collecting information about the client to assist in the development of marketing plans and sales strategies to increase your chances of completing a sale. To be an effective sales representative, you will need to demonstrate commanding knowledge of your target customers, existing competitors in the marketplace and industry trends that may impact a buying decision. In addition to these duties, you will maintain a regular calling or contact schedule with companies to identify more leads or resolve any problems that arise in existing client accounts.


To perform well as a field sales representative, you must demonstrate the ability to identify and contact decision makers through cold calls, research and networking with existing clients or other representatives in the industry you target in your sales process. Skills that will assist you with the task include strong communication and interpersonal skills to create business relationships, and strong presentation and negotiation skills to build a compelling case for your service. You will need to be self-starter in this role to make the most of your leads and professional network.

Business process if employeed

Once you exhausted all your personnel contacts. You can generate leads using a website like which can provide you all the necessary information on any business in any industry. A great place to start would be all the animal hospitals, restaurants, car washes and etc in your area. These are ideal type customers as their businesses do most sales via credit cards and their customers do not often dispute credit card charges. If you are bilingual, this can be an asset as you can communicate better with business owners within a specific community.
  1. Obtain merchant statements from business for cost analysis and fax to 1-877-312-5703
  2. You will be provided with the cost analysis report and a contract with discounted rates
  3. You will secure the required signatures from the business customers and fax back contract
  4. Minimum two accounts a week are required in order to maintain entry level compensation


Entry level annual base compensation is $24,000. Base salary and any additional commission will be paid bi-weekly. The requirement for entry level base compensation is two accounts a week. If you contract over two accounts a week you will be paid an additional $250 per account commission.

2 accounts / week required / $500
3 accounts / week / $750
4 accounts / week / $1000

If you dedicate all your efforts to this opportunity you should have no problems closing five accounts a week.
Milestone 100 accounts
Once you have reached 100 accounts your base salary will become $36,000 annually.

Milestone 200 accounts
Once you have reached 200 accounts your base salary will become $48,000 annually.

Milestone 300 accounts.
Once you have reached 300 accounts your base salary will become $60,000 annually.

Milestone 400 accounts.
Once you have reached 400 accounts your base salary will become $72,000 annually.

Milestone 500 accounts.
Restructure compensation package. No more min requirements. Managing portfolio is the only job requirement. Management position with six figure salary.

**your official first day of paid employment will be the day your first account closes.**

PDF Click here for training manual

Once you have reviewed all the illustrattions and you are serious about employment with our company please email me to or Call 1-888-667-5615.